Tandem Global Logistics


Tandem Global Logistics is a comprehensive international network of independent logistical operators serving the worldwide trading market. Our medium-sized international forwarding network has a presence in numerous major industrial centres the world over. Currently, Tandem already has partners in 70 countries with more than 400 offices and our network is constantly expanding. Tandem Global Logistics constantly focus to meet changing customer demands by broadening its global services into a powerful, interactive network.


Tandem Global Logistics is built on long-term commitment. Quality, cost-efficiency, reliability and flexibility are all key to our network. Tandem Global Logistics operates independently from sea freight and air freight carriers: an own in-house B/L document was recently introduced which lists Tandem Global Logistics Network as the carrier.


Our in-depth knowledge of the global supply chain in general and air and sea freight in particular, paired with the strong local ties, close customer relations and insider knowledge of the local market that each of our logistical partners brings to the table, has already made Tandem Global Logistics the supply chain service provider of choice for numerous leading industries across the globe.